Our hands-on courses have a thematic flair which includes special seasonal recipes as well as traditional Italian and Tuscan cooking. Encounter the culinary arts like never before by creating fresh vegetable and meat dishes in spring; tasty fish dishes in summer; sample truffles, cabbage, chestnut and mushroom dishes in fall; and poultry dishes and delectable tarts and cakes in winter.

29th May 2013


Here you can have easy access to all of the magnificent cooking courses and lessons we offer each month.

09th May 2013

Intensive cooking courses

We have developed a program aimed exclusively at food passionate that are interested in discovering the secrets of Tuscan cuisine. This program develops the participants’ potential in gourmet cooking to...

09th May 2013

Single cooking lessons

These group sessions can be taken twice a week in the evening, from 5:30pm until about 9:30pm. Under the expert guidance of our friendly chef, students learn how to prepare...

09th May 2013
pasta nel sugo

Language & Cooking – Internship

This program is designed for those who wish to be actively immersed in the world of Italian cooking at a professional level. Participants will be living in the world of...