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Art & Cooking is a hands-on Italian cooking school located in Siena, Tuscany. Since 1979 Art & Cooking has been the Gastronomy Department of the prestigious Dante Alighieri Siena - Italian Language, Culture and Gastronomy school. At Art & Cooking you will learn how to prepare authentic Italian dishes in a fun and friendly environment. Our chefs have more than 20 years experience teaching amateurs, seasoned veterans and foodies alike.

You may choose form a single-day class for an unforgettable lunch or dinner, a 1 to 3 week cooking course for an amazing culinary vacation, à la carte individual or group private lesson(s) either at the school or in the comfort of your villa, and if you are a true lover of all that is Italian - the Siena Magnifica course where you will be immersed in Italian language, culture and cooking all under the same roof for a course lasting from 1 to 2 weeks. Not to forget the Pre-Professional Internships for those who want to make their mark in the world of Culinary Arts.

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Art & Cooking also collaborates with international tour agencies that are interested in including a delightful cooking class in their vacation tours and including Siena as part of a culinary vacation in Italy. If you are a tour agency do not hesitate to contact us with your special request.

29th May 2013


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09th May 2013

4-day to 3-week cooking courses

Are you passionate about good food and looking for a culinary vacation in Tuscany that lasts from 4-days to 3-weeks? Are you interested in discovering the secrets of Tuscan cuisine...

09th May 2013

Single-day cooking classes

Want to make your vacation an unforgettable one? Be a chef for a day! If you are planning on visiting Siena and would like to have a tasty unforgeable experience...

09th May 2013

Pre-Professional Internship

The Art & Cooking Pre-Professional Internship Program is an all-encompassing course which was created for those who want to make their mark in the world of Culinary Arts. Participants will...