Courses & Programs

Our hands-on courses have a thematic flair which includes special seasonal recipes as well as traditional Italian and Tuscan cooking. Encounter the culinary arts like never before by creating fresh vegetable and meat dishes in spring; tasty fish dishes in summer; sample truffles, cabbage, chestnut and mushroom dishes in fall; and poultry dishes and delectable tarts and cakes in winter.

Plus, uncover the art of creating traditional and Medieval cuisine by learning some truly age-old recipes dating back to the Middle Ages! Finally if you prefer to develop your skills in modern cooking, “Pane, Pizza, Pasta Week” will also put a smile on your face.

You can take courses from one-week to four-months if you are a professional or real enthusiast. Depending on the Italian language level, courses may be taught in Italian and/or English (other languages available upon request at not additional cost). Lessons begin with the study of ingredients, a brief description of the recipes and then one learns the true art of Italian cooking by participating hands-on in an elaborate step by step process of the four or five course meal you are about to create!

The antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno and dolce are all significant parts of the art of fine and healthy dining. And for the time you’ve been anticipating the most…. lunch on the feast you created!

All of our cooking courses may be taken contemporaneously with any of the Italian language courses we offer. Several programs such as Siena Magnifica & Internships combine cooking and Italian language lessons. We also offer amateur and professional culinary courses for those who wish to focus exclusively on culinary programs.

Code Culinary Cultural Language Extra
A’la carte Yes
Culinary lesson Yes
Intensive culinary course Yes
Internship Yes Yes
Siena Magnifica Yes Yes Yes Yes

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