4-day to 3-week Cooking Courses

Are you passionate about good food and looking for a culinary vacation in Tuscany that lasts from 4-days to 3-weeks? Are you interested in discovering the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and learning to cook like a true Italian? Then this is the course for you! This program will develop your potential in preparing gourmet dishes through hands-on cooking classes at a professional level. If you are an independent traveller, you will love the support and guidance we offer while still being independent

We have developed a program aimed exclusively at food passionates that are interested in discovering the secrets of Italian cuisine in the heart of Tuscany. The course is intended for those who have advanced interest but not necessarily advanced ability in cooking.  The courses oversee culinary sessions at a professional level for different food areas. Emphasis is made, not only on the preparation of a wide variety of dishes, but also on the study and use of essential ingredients such as wine, spices and olive oil. Culinary classes are held in Italian and English and can also be held upon request in German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese at no additional cost. The recipes are in Italian and/or English.


Participants will have time to visit vineyards, wine cellars, butcher’s shop and other retail and wholesale shops which will surely broaden their perspective of the Italian culinary world and enhance this very interesting and educational program. Art & Cooking in participation with Dante Alighieri Siena organizes plenty of social activities for participants to enjoy during their free time. There are plenty of tours offered on weekdays and weekends to nearby town and vineyard.

Click here for available tours during your visit!   

If you are visiting Siena with someone that will not be participating in the cooking lesson, they will be glad to know that it is possible for them to join the group at lunch/dinner-time and enjoy the succulent meal you have prepared. It is not necessary for them to join-in every meal. Additional fee will apply.

And if you are wondering just how the lesson will be carried out doubt no more!

  • Arrival of participants with greetings and individual introductions.
  • Each participant will receive a disposable apron and write their name on it.

  • The Chef will tell participants the full menu and present each dish with the collaboration of an official DA Siena coordinator.

  • The Chef will go over the use of each ingredient that will be used in preparing each dish.

  • Each participant will choose the dish they want to start working on.  It’s time for everyone to get their hands in the dough!

  • The chef will circulate around the kitchen the entire time showing each participant tips and tricks to cooking like professionals.

  • Participants will be able to rotate around the room working on all the different dishes.

  • Once the meals are all ready, the chef will teach everyone the art to presenting each dish in an attractive way. Time to take out the camera!

  • And now the time everyone’s been waiting for… Time to feast on the delicious meal that’s been prepared!


Dates Weeks Sessions Price in Euro
Bread & dessert May 13th – 17th, 2019 1 5 450.00
A journey through Italy September 16th -October 4th, 2019 3 12 1.100.00
Xmas festivities November 25th – 29rd, 2019 1 5 450.00

*price includes:

  • Cooking class lasting approximately 4 hours

  • Four-course meal prepared in the lesson

  • Tuscan wine with meal

  • Recipes in Italian or English of all the dishes prepared

  • Certificate of participation

  • Art & Cooking apron

  • Accommodation Service

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