Single-day Cooking Classes

Want to make your vacation an unforgettable one? Be a chef for a day! If you are planning on visiting Siena and would like to have a tasty unforgeable experience participating in a single-day culinary lesson then you are in the right place! We run culinary courses from Mondays to Thursdays (Friday’s upon request) where under the expert guidance of our friendly chef, you will learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes, which vary according to the fresh ingredients available each season. At the end of each session all participants eat what they have prepared together.

If you are looking to have a fun evening while visiting Siena, then sign up for these group classes that take place either in the mornings or the afternoons. Under the expert guidance of our friendly chef, students learn how to prepare traditional Italian dishes, which vary according to the fresh ingredients available each season. These single-day classes are designed for people who wish to learn the secrets of Italian gastronomy in a friendly environment. Culinary lessons are held in Italian and English, and when needed in German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese – at no additional charge. The recipes are in Italian and/or English.

If you are visiting Siena with someone that will not be participating in the cooking lesson, they will be glad to know that it is possible for them to join the group at lunch/dinner-time and enjoy the succulent meal you have prepared. Additional fee will apply.

And if you are wondering just how the lesson will be carried out doubt no more!

  • Arrival of participants with greetings and individual introductions.
  • Each participant will receive a disposable apron and write their name on it.

  • The Chef will tell participants the full menu and present each dish with the collaboration of an official DA Siena coordinator.

  • The Chef will go over the use of each ingredient that will be used in preparing each dish.

  • Each participant will choose the dish they want to start working on.  It’s time for everyone to get their hands in the dough!

  • The chef will circulate around the kitchen the entire time showing each participant tips and tricks to cooking like professionals.

  • Participants will be able to rotate around the room working on all the different dishes.

  • Once the meals are all ready, the chef will teach everyone the art to presenting each dish in an attractive way. Time to take out the camera!

  • And now the time everyone’s been waiting for… Time to feast on the delicious meal that’s been prepared!



Price per session: € 70,00*

*price includes:

  • Cooking class lasting approximately 4 hours

  • Four-course meal prepared in the lesson

  • Tuscan wine with meal

  • Recipes of all the dishes prepared

  • Accommodation Services

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